Delta Flaggers

Defending the Mississippi Flag and Southern Heritage.
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Donate to help fund our future projects, all of our flag sites, Trailers and other equipment that needs up keep.



Donation Amount

The Delta Flaggers is a non profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the 1894 Mississippi Flag. We assure you this donation will be used strictly for our Mississippi flag projects. With one massive (20ft x 30ft) flag site in Greenwood, MS and other large flag sights around town we take the responsibility of maintaining each site in Greenwood as well as assist with other flag projects around the state of Mississippi. It takes wind to make flags fly but that same wind eventually puts a beating on flags. We repair all flags in house as long as they can be salvaged and then we must retire the flag and purchase new ones. All proceeds from donations go toward flag repairs, new flag purchases, night light of the flag and pro flag projects such as our mobile billboards.

If you would like to donate in a another way please e-mail .
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Founded August 25, 2015
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